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Planned Improvements

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Types of Infrastructure Improvements

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One additional lane between a specific mile marker on the northbound or southbound side. Where there were two lanes, the road would widen to three.

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Acceleration / Deceleration Extension

Allow vehicles more space to accelerate before merging with interstate traffic, or slow to exit at the interchange.

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Curve Improvement

Flashing chevron or flashing yellow arrows will be installed along specific curves to notify drivers of upcoming curving road

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Truck Climbing Lane

An additional lane added allow trucks to ascend an incline at a safe speed and maintain regular traffic flow.

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Auxiliary Lane

Auxiliary lanes will allow drivers additional time to speed up or slow down when merging on or off I-81.

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Shoulder Widening

Wider shoulder lanes increase safety of emergency vehicles and personal vehicles that pull off to the side of the road for car issues.

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Operational Improvements

New digital message signs, new traffic cameras, extended Safety Service Patrols, improved incident clearance and arterial route improvements.

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Multimodal Improvements

Transit and rail options to broaden and improve transportation access along the I-81 corridor.

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